I see you

  • I know you have so much love and compassion to bring into the world.
  • I know you want to show up as your most joyful, confident and courageous self.
  • I know that your sensitivity is your BIGGEST gift that you have an endless supply of empathy, creativity and insight.
  • I know you long for passion and intimacy in supportive, expansive relationships.
  • I know that you dream of making a contribution and impacting the world. BIG time.

But sometimes that feels like that’s out of your reach.

  • Some days, you’re scraping through feeling you can’t justify time for yourself, like you’re not articulating yourself and like you are stopping yourself
  • You are exhausted, frustrated, feeling unappreciated and caught up in the busyness of life
  • You are habitually people pleasing because you are scared of upsetting someone
  • Your sensitivity gets used against you
  • You struggle to articulate what you want and need from your relationships
  • As sensitive woman you are held back by the very thing that is your GIFT: your sensitivity.  You’ve carried your sensitivity around like a shameful secret: trying to pretend you don’t feel things deeply. The emotions bury deep and jump out at times leaving you consumed by anger, guilt and despair.
  • You feel trapped in your head and like you’re repeating the same scenarios again and again
  • Deep down in your bones you know you are here to leave a lasting impact in your world. To transform people’s lives through love, compassion and joy. To STEP fully into your SUPERPOWER. But you are stuck

Your inner freaks are controlling you

As a sensitive woman, you have five inner fear freaks within you stopping you from thriving in your life. These freaks zap your energy, block you from your goals and prevent you from achieving. They are what will mean you CANT make the difference you want in your world

The People Pleaser:

She is terrified of upsetting anyone: her fear of looking “bad” to others means you waste so much energy trying to make other people happy at the detriment of your own time, space, peace and freedom. If you don’t face up to her you will end up burnt out, frustrated and wondering what happened to your life.

The Control Freak:

She needs to micro manage every outcome, experience and event. Her fear of something going wrong means you crush ALL the joy, spontaneity and intimacy that’s available for you. If you don’t stop her in her tracks you will end up empty, exhausted and joyless.

The Rebel:

She has one hand hovering over the DESTRUCT button. She is a product of suppressing your emotions, needs and years of pretending and coping.  She is fed up and pissed off and if you don’t address what’s pissing her off things will implode MAJORLY.

The Perfectionist:

You have your own unique, crazy brand of “Perfect” We all do. Your inner perfectionist has created rule upon rule of what should happen. Her fear of not being good enough means you are trying to create a version of yourself that “should” be good enough. If she keeps popping up you will NEVER feel good enough: you will be uneasy in your own skin, living unauthentically and in constant compete and compare mode.

The Drama Queen:

She is addicted to the rush of pain. Her fear of being truly SEEN, vulnerable and open means she creates drama – you constantly run old stories stuck in the past or imagining what might happen in the future. If she continues to reign, your relationships will suffer or stay stuck, you wont break out of your comfort zone and your life will stay the same. Forever.

The trouble is…

As a sensitive woman at the moment the very thing holds you back that is your superpower. If you’re constantly giving and taking on emotion and pain from others, not dealing with your old stories and experiences and not taking care of yourself – it will destroy you.

  • When you become a Sensitive Superstar you make a commitment to be the Ultimate Warrior of your Wellbeing
  • If you don’t you won’t be able to continue helping people and creating an impact
  • When your cup is empty you have NOTHING to give and you end up burned out, frustrated and fed up.

It doesn't have to be like this



You are living your life in your zone of genius. You are completely supported to bring your gifts/creativity/service into the world. You are making a difference. And it feels divine! You bounce through your day feeling total gratitude that you are so clear and confident in the work you create. The glow that radiates from you is TOTAL fulfilment. Knowing that you are showing up the way you’ve always wanted to brings so much freedom and ease in your life. What you do doesn’t feel like work – it’s your connection to joy.

Maybe you dream of waking up every morning TOTALLY in love with your life. You are so appreciated by the people in your life and you have harmony in every aspect of your life. You and your partner have dreamy, quality time together where you connect the busyness of life has fallen away and you aren’t dictated to by appointments, ‘shoulds’ or the bleeping of your phone.

Or perhaps, your day shimmies with Soul. You have stopped giving your power away and you have time and space for you to explore your creativity and to use your intuition. You feel inner peace and your body is strong and flexible. You can handle everything that comes your way with equanimity knowing you are filled up with love and compassion.

Kara Grant

Kara Grant

Award winning entrepreneur and founder of the Sensitive Sisterhood

A big warm love filled thank you for arriving here. This is the space dedicated to being your own Sensitive Superhero.

I work with clients in two ways. I have a thriving membership community the Sensitive Sisterhood and I have two spaces a month for VIP Clients.

If you want to explore working with me in depth book in for a Discovery Call here

The Soul Confidence Sisterhood is an intimate group of beautiful women who are committed to their personal and spiritual growth  AND to living + enjoying their most abundant and desired lives while they bring love, compassion + kindness to themselves and their world.

Every week we meet online for a group call to work through the Sensitive Superstar System. These calls will energise + inspire you to create and maintain your desired life, where you connect with yourself and your Sisters to release, clear and transform. You also get an exclusive Sisterhood materials to support you on your journey and access to a private, members only Facebook group to connect with your sisters. Once a month there will be a live online Yoga for Sensitive Superstars session.

This is an immersive group programme where you will be held and supported to break through comfort zones and live your life at your most creative, spiritual and impactful.

Over the course of the programme you will:

  • Understand your strengths as a sensitive woman – how to use them for your greatest good and for the world around you
  • Articulate what you want and need in your life as a sensitive woman and how to ask for it with confidence
  • Navigate the world confidently as a sensitive woman
  • Make a bigger impact with your work
  • Experience the most intimate and supportive relationships
  • Get out of your own head to achieve your goals
  • Support you on your journey to make this happen and for you to take aligned action.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Courage to play bigger with your business and have a much bigger impact
  • Being in the relationship you have always wanted with a supportive, loving partner
  • Confidence and clarity over your mission and reaching your people
  • Designing your own spiritual practice with confidence and clarity
  • Experiencing freedom and abundance doing work that fulfils you and has a lasting, positive impact in the world

We’ll work together to make this happen. You will work WITH your sensitivity; it will turn into the most incredible positive gift that will impact you and the world.

In her Words:

Amie “I joined the Sisterhood because I need a community like this – one where women come together to nurture, love, support, cry, grow and learn more about ourselves and each other. For me I always thrive in spaces like this, I experience my biggest growth and development. Right now as I up level my life this is the perfect space for me as I am able to re-focus on my practice, learn more about myself, my cycle and how I can harness the seasons I naturally go through.

Crystle: “I joined because for the first time in a long time my sensitivities were accepted. I am able to be myself here and truly shine…

I’ve done a lot of work on my traumatic past but the Sisterhood has really allowed me to go deeper, to work with my fears rather than fear them. Kara has been amazing at making each of us accountable for the changes we want in our lives…. I feel like I have so much more clarity and have a tribe too!

I’ve started listening again to my body and my intuition and I’m no longer scared of self care… this is something that used to be a luxury… now it’s non-negotiable!

I love the Sisterhood and I’d recommend it to anyone who is sensitive or really anyone who wants to work out their true desires and stop their inner fear freaks running the show.

Everyone is so supportive here. If you’re willing to show up and do the work then this is the place for you!!

Thank you Kara for creating this beautiful tribe”

What we’ll cover:



be notified when enrollment opens…

This group programme is going to support you to unleash your sensitivity like the superpower it is

I want to be so clear who this is for – not because I’m being exclusive BUT because this community thrives with women who show up all the time for themselves and the other women in the group

So, excuse the bluntness (it totally comes from a place of love)

Discovering your Superlife:

  • Get so clear and confident in your Big Why
  • Setting aligned, authentic Soul Goals
  • Understanding your Desired Feelings and activating them straight away
  • Designing your Ideal Day exactly as you want it
  • We will be uncovering this and you will be taking aligned action really quickly from the start.

Become your Wellbeing Warrior:

  • Know what conditions you thrive in: including working with your cycle every month
  • Removing energy vampires and maintaining clear boundaries
  • Putting you at the top of your to-do list: this will become a non-negotiable, I promise you
  • Making your Self Care a must
  • Developing your own Practice

Sustaining your Superpower:

How to flourish and thrive moving forward and navigate the world confidently as a sensitive woman.

  • Your Support System – internal and external
  • Self care as a non negotiable
  • Call in the most intimate relationships
  • Getting back on track if something triggers you

Defeating your InnerFEARfreaks:

  • Using the InnerFEARfreak process you will learn how to move away from old stories, habits and fears. You will learn how to make lovingkindness your super strength

Taking on the World:

These sessions will focus on your impact in the world

  • Share your message/mission or bringing to life your Big Why
  • Turn your Fury into Fuel – bring about change locally, in your community and/or globally
  • Create a Lasting Legacy for your family, your community and the world.

This is for you IF you know you:

  • DESERVE without a doubt intimacy and soul-level connections
  • DESIRE the best intimate relationship with you and your partner or partner you are calling in
  • DREAM of abundance in EVERY area of your life, money, sex, your passion/purpose
  • DEMAND with love your best version of your life, spiritually connected and also thriving in the real world.

This is not for you if:

  • You aren’t 100% in: a cliché, but this collective is calling for your commitment and energy.
  • You don’t want to do the work
  • You aren’t up for supporting and being supported

This Sisterhood is a vibrant, supportive and expansive space where you will flourish. A space where you can truly feel how being sensitive is such a gift and bring that gift into the world.

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