Hello my love,

You KNOW you are here now to create compassionate change and the world needs you. All of you. It needs you with all your sensitive superpowers.

I’m Kara, an award winning entrepreuner, coach, intuitive,  writer and Yoga teacher. I support sensitives like you to unleash your sensitivity as your superpower. How? By supporting you to be your wellbeing warrior + to access all the inner + outer support you have. 

Welcome, it’s good to have you here…

Work with me

At the moment I am putting lots of energy + focus into writing my first full length book so I am not taking on clients at present. 

To stay connected sign up for my Sunday Love note. In it you will get a super juicy technique you can use anywhere and anytime for more of the sweet stuff (peace, connection + presence) as well as some of my unique musings on things like being your own wellbeing warrior and having an imperfect practice.  I’ll also share  more ways for us to hang out in person and on-line in these love notes when that starts happening again. 


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