My love. This is NOT just for the first few weeks of January. These are my top 20 ways for you to navigate your year as a sensitive activist. PLEASE come back to these throughout 2020. It’s going to be a challenging year BUT you aren’t here to get burnt out and exhausted. There is SO much courage, connection and creativity within you and so many moments of JOY that you are here to be present for.

Most of these 20 are free and all are within your power to start/recommit to/return to.

20 for 2020


1) Daily practice. This is a must. Get on your mat daily for at least 10 minutes. However your imperfect practice looks DO it. This is vital!

2) Set reminders on your phone. If you want to set one to remind you to do your daily practice or to get up at work and move, then get that alert on.

3) Diarise your 30 minutes essential me maintenance. Thats 30 minutes a day. Whether thats reading, having a bath, using essential oils, going for a run whatever it is that tops you up with what you need.

4) Be your wellbeing warrior. Make sure you are working WITH your monthly (if applicable) rhythm. Maybe for you its about tracking the rhythm of the moon and seeing how that impacts your energy levels.

5) Get a really great planner. One that keeps you focused AND allows you space to be creative and intuitive. I love Triggs. You can get 10% off with my affiliate code Sensitive20 when you go to check out.

6) Boundaries! Set ’em. KEEP ’em.

7) Work to become more familiar with the festivals of the earth. Mamma Earth needs you to hear her. And it feels bloody great to remind yourself of the power of the earth.

8) Avoid spiritual bypassing, 2020 needs you to be real + engaged with whats happening for everyone not just those in the love n light bubble.

9) Do stuff once a month (at least) just for the FUN of it.

10) Get your sexy on (No explanation needed)

11) Make daily gratitude a practice – this is real, palpable gratitude that you express.

12) Dont apologise for needing or taking time for yourself.

13) Keep learning, listening and unpacking your privilege.

14) Make sure you have great external support (and you can join my free Facebook community here for some of that) COMMUNITY and COMMUNITIES are going to be so huge this year. Invest and envelop yourself in your communities.

15) Curate your social but don’t avoid information that challenges you. Your sensitivity is your superpower not a reason not to engage, learn and listen.

16) Stay informed, look for news sources outwith mainstream media and TV that serves the few who are grasping to stay in power.

17) Also LOOK for and celebrate the good news that happens. I like Positive News for articles on success’ across the world.

18) Set yourself good social media boundaries. For example: Switching off your phone one hour before bed,  putting news feed blocker on Facebook feed on your laptop, being intentional about your time on social media. Watch out for tell tale signs in your body when you are overdoing it on social media and notice when you find yourself on social media without realising you had clicked on an app. These signs are time for a short or longer digital detox.

19) Take every moment to breathe deeply and come back to this moment. This is available at any time in any place for you.

20) Practice deep, fierce, boundless kindness and compassion to yourself. Always. This means treating yourself as your own best mate.

Suggested Next Steps:

Pick the one from the 20 list you are going to focus on just now. Keep the list somewhere you can see it easily so you can return to this anytime you want to.

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