28 Days to Soul Confidence

Are you ready to change the way you live your life? Read on, and find out how you can in just 28 days.

You’ve heard how AMAZING having a practice is and you’ve read about how all the most successful women put their inner peace down to yoga & meditation

Now it is time for YOU to build your own practice to support you with having the life you desire, achieving your goals and feeling content and confident in your body. Enrolling on this programme will stretch your body, mind and soul to develop new manifesting, gratitude and love powers in a really simple and effective way.

Doing it every day , taking action and using the practices consistently will change your life. For REAL. You literally change at a cellular level when you take the micro aligned actions in the programme every day for 28 days.

You will feel more FREEDOM, less stress, more JOY and abundance through this programme. And you don’t have to go off to India to find yourself or leave your job or anything like that. It’s all about creating time for you, committing to how you want to feel and working through amazing techniques to grow and expand. You can do it in your jammies or when the kids are watching cbeebies or when you are sitting supping a cocktail in your garden…

My signature home practice programme is a 28 day online programme designed for YOU to support you to change your life

This programme is for you, If you would LOVE to:

Create space away from the mind chatter and to-do lists

Feel more connected with who you are and your goals

Develop a happy, healthy mind-body relationship

Have more intimate and supportive relationships

The programme covers SO much – here is a taster of what you can expect to experience:

  • Feeling much more authentic and in alignment with your goals
  • Supported: by me, by you and by the Universe
  • Connected: you will feel in tune with yourself and the peeps you LOVE
  • Loved up and proud: completing this programme will bring you access to so much love within you and freedom from the mindchatter

About Me:

Hi, I’m Kara. When I started on my journey I used to constantly question myself “Am I doing this right?” I was overwhelmed – I longed for a step by step programme to follow that would break everything I was learning down in a digestable way BUT at the same time be held accountable. I swung from being majorly dedicated to procrastinating big time. I learned – the hard way – that to feel connected, to empower myself to respond with love and to look after my emotional well being I needed to do SOMETHING every day. It didn’t have to be perfect, I just needed to take action. As a sensitive woman having a practice is your life-blood it keeps you clear, confident and courageous.

Since I developed my Home Practice – which is what I bring to you every day over 28 days I have:

  • Experienced TOTAL freedom
  • Created a multi award winning, 6 figure business
  • Been nominated as Woman’s Coach of the Year
  • Been invited to speak on stage to share my story
  • So much fun with my baby as a mamma
  • A deep, intimate and supportive relationship
  • A purposeful connection to JOY
  • Manifesting AMAZING gifts and experiences
  • An abundance of time and space for me

ALL of this has happened because I give myself PERMISSION to put myself first and prioritise my own happiness.

 Nowadays I specialise in helping sensitive women unleash their sensitivity as a superpower so that they can create a lasting impact + courageous change in the world.

How the programme works

Once you’ve booked on you will get your introduction video.  Once the programme starts you get a video and a home practice every morning in your inbox. You are part of the private facebook forum to receive support, increase your accountability and check in with any questions you have about the programme and your practice. To celebrate the wins and move through the challenges together with the community.

The programme investment:

£197.00 and the programme materials are yours for life. It means as well you can re-enrol for FREE every time the course runs in real time AND you can revisit the videos/supporting materials ANYTIME.

What do you need to do to start the programme:

  • Create a minimum of 30 minutes for this programme every day
  • Be open to making some huge positive changes in your life
  • Embrace the accountability of doing the programme and making a consistent new and life changing habit.

This programme is for you if you want to feel supported, connected and free to experience all of who you are away from the doubts and distractions. Take this opportunity to change the way you live your life, forever. 

Imagine, within a couple of months you could be experiencing life the way you want it and you get the programme for life so you can do it as many times as you like!

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