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Hey lovely one.

A big warm love filled thank you for arriving here.

I’m a massive cheerleader for Sensitive people who want to use their voices/privilege/gifts to support others + to create courageous change. 

I have worked as a coach for 10 years now, winning awards for innovative community programmes as well as suppporting thousands of women at in person events and online programmes. I have devised and delivered a variety of workshops, retreats and training programmes to SureStart centres, entrepreunerial women, aspiring writers + creatives, employees and yoga bods. 

I work with clients in different ways from membership communities to retreats to 1-2-1 work. At the moment lots of my energy is going on writing my first full length book. You can download the first chapter for free here And make sure to come say hey on social – I’m loving instagram right now! If you want to be part of my free community for sensitive superstars come join us

Kara is an absolute champion for all sensitive women out there, empowering them to explore and utilise their sensitive superpowers. Kara’s programmes and groups are wonderfully educational and supportive, and I have learnt so much through her winning combo of inner work, yoga and alternative therapies. I keep coming back to her work, as she’s so passionate about her own growth and supporting her community, so there is always something new to learn from her.

Kate Banks

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