Yes being present is exquisite. It gives you eternal glimpses into the mundane, magic and painful. It is when you are truly buzzing and alive. When you are in the moment of right now. The practice (yes peeps, I said practice, that means it takes PRACTICE. That means lots of times of re-learning it and feeling like it’s just not happening) of being present is incredible. You see for me joy and peace can only exist when I am present.
When I’m present I hear my wee boy laugh, I’m not thinking about the dishes that need done. When I’m present I notice my breath deepening and deepening as I sit on my mat, I’m not thinking about why I can’t do a headstand. When I’m present I feel every ounce of bliss without needing to chase it to keep it.
(Also disclaimer, when you are present you also notice when you are being ratty, when you’re heart is breaking and when things feel freaking tough, because you are not numb anymore)
I can’t be experiencing joy, peace and love when I’m wrapped up in beating myself up for something I said or didn’t do 5 years ago I can’t be experiencing fun, connection and freedom when I’m in knots about what might happen next month.
And here’s the other key fact. I can’t be present if I’m in control freak mode. It just wont happen. I’m too busy pushing the joy away while I frantically try to stage manage everyone around me. Can you relate? So that means you have to be up for some pretty major surrendering to be present.
I’M PUTTING THIS IN CAPITALS CAUSE I WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS BIT COMING UP IS SUPER IMPORTANT IN YOUR JOURNEY TO BEING MORE PRESENT… Ready? You need to be totally up for getting close and connected with a wee mate I call LK. Loving Kindness. “Aw, yeah sure, I’m really loving and kind person” I hear you say. YES, but are you loving and kind to YOU. That’s where I am asking you to get all cosy and close with LK, bringing Loving Kindness to you. The majority of clients I work with are in this world as a positive love filled force and totally up for making it a great place. But they struggle with dealing with their inner critic and they are so hard on themselves.  Here’s a way to do be more loving and kind to you. STOP BEING SO BLOODY HARD ON YOURSELF: There you go that’s my top tip. And also here are a few more actual practical tips for you!
Soul Confidence Top Take Away’s:
1) Make Time to Meditate. I do a Loving Kindness meditation every day. And it makes a HUGE difference. You can get  this meditation for FREE if you want via my website (click here) It’s great. And yes I am biased but it’s still great.
2) Set an intention daily that you want to be loving, kind, compassionate to yourself. And when you’re not simply breathe, thank yourself for noticing you have been a bit hard on yourself and use a mantra like this one
(breathe in ) “I am now choosing” (breathe out) ” to completely love and accept myself” Repeat as often as you like. To yourself is great, outlaid is even better
3)Journal your Achievements. I am pretty damn sure my levels of LK have skyrocketed due to a few things I’ve done consistently (i.e. nearly every damn day) and writing my achievements daily is most certainly one.
Like this? Relate? Have questions? Please comment below and feel free to share away. 
Want more? Wanna go deeper?
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