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Happy Spring Equinox (during covid-19)

Spring Equinox. How to mark this time + harness the energy (even if you are indoors)   Despite us being in isolation or socially distancing, nature just keeps on going. Life is springing up outside in parks, trees and out of the earth. For me, I am wrapping my head...

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It’s not all love ‘n’ light

I’m calling myself out. And if you are a white woman in the personal + spiritual development world, this is an invitation to examine what supporting other women means + calls for in your life. I’ve been benefitting from my white privilege without even realising it....

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Who is your inner Freaky Freak? (Episode 1)

Are you a control freak, perfectionist, drama queen, people pleaser, rebel rebel OR like me  do you have a wee bit of all of them? Find out which one do you resonate with AND what you can do to feel more supported, confident and empowered

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In this episode I talk about how to get on track when something happens that challenges you, why these are where the gold is for you growing AND I share a few awesome techniques to help you with moving through it with a bit more joy + peace...

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Who is your Tribe?

Through my Sensitive Superstar series I'm sharing how YOU can best support your sensitive heart & use your energy wisely so you are ROCKING your sensitivity & love like a superstar rather than experiencing people pleasing anxiety, frustration and burnout...

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Gaga Gate

I saw the posts about Lady Gaga all across Facebook yesterday and I felt, how you probably felt. A mixture of “WTF?” and how sad and pointless is this. The issue is NOT that her tummy is big/small/whatever: to me the issue is that it's OK to be passing judgement on it...

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Why I’ve ditched doing Yoga

Yes. I have a confession to make. I'm DITCHING doing Yoga. I've ditched "doing" yoga, because "doing" yoga isn't enough. I've ditched doing yoga because I was getting attached to "DOING" it. Instead I live my practice. I live and breathe it, minute by minute, day by...

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No, it’s not just you

Dear Lovely One, I'm writing this to you though I haven't met you I know where you are at. Sorry for seeming presumptuous. But I see you. You are smiling, and you look like you got it together. But underneath, it's fog, and distrust, and worry, and uncertainty. Five...

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Over. The. Overwhelm

Overwhelm is the place I aim to stay out of. It's a town I visited WAY too often in the not too distant past and I got to say, I would not rate it as a place to stay. It's the kind of place where there are road signs directing you AWAY. Big neon signs. With arrows...

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Being Present is the bomb

Yes being present is exquisite. It gives you eternal glimpses into the mundane, magic and painful. It is when you are truly buzzing and alive. When you are in the moment of right now. The practice (yes peeps, I said practice, that means it takes PRACTICE. and lots of times of re-learning it and feeling like it’s just not happening) of being present is incredible. You see for me joy and peace can only exist when I am present.

When I’m present I hear my wee boy laugh, I’m not thinking about the dishes that need done. When I’m present I notice my breath deepening and deepening as I sit on my mat, I’m not thinking about why I can’t do a headstand. When I’m present I feel every ounce of bliss without needing to chase it to keep it.

(Also disclaimer, when you are present you also notice when you are being ratty, when you’re heart is breaking and when things feel freaking tough, because you are not numb anymore)

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Embrace YOUR evolution

I am embracing my evolution at the moment. 80% of the time I am loving it. It feels good, feels like I’m in flow, there’s no pushing or striving: it all just – is. 20% of the time it causes mini meltdowns, upper limiting and self sabotaging behaviour.

What I want to say about that is that it feels really freaking empowered to be able to see (sometimes with a bit of a nudge) what is going on with the mini moments. When we are aware of who we really and we are moving into our zone of genius or taking anything to the next level it throws up shit. I am celebrating that my evolution so far has brought me to a space where my inner drama queen can chill her beans and take a breath before she reacts! In the past I would have retracted and shut down with some of these evolutionary evolution occurences

I made a statement in my mastermind group at the start of this year “I’m stepping into my identity as a powerful leader here to make a global impact” This statement came from deep within, and as I said it I broke down. Can you relate? When you voice something that comes from deep within and it’s a release, relief to finally say it? In that moment I felt raw to the bone. Vulnerable. And, like “Now I’ve said this – there is no taking it back”

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New Year, New Start?

How does the start of a new year make you feel? Are you juiced up with joy for 2016? I love the new year, love the new possibilities, new ideas, and the new sense of purpose everyone has. So I was all set for my planning for 2016. I had a window of time set aside, my...

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Critics versus cheerleaders

Why do we care more about what our critics say? How would it be if we just allowed our cheerleaders our council? I dont mean for them to just inflate our ego ( you are of course AWESOME, dont forget that) but rather the people in our lives who tell us how it is and...

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Owning my Sh%t

A question was posed to me at the weekend “How are you taking personal responsibility and looking inwards” Cue sharp intake of breath and a day or so letting myself marinade in this. See I actually pride myself in doing this but like everything it’s a work in...

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Body Blues

What happens when your body doesnt do what it normally does?! It's like an unwritten contract that your body will function in a certain way - well, it is, till it doesn't anymore! Then it's a new story ... I'm on a journey at the moment, my physicality, body strength...

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