What happens when your body doesnt do what it normally does?! It’s like an unwritten contract that your body will function in a certain way – well, it is, till it doesn’t anymore! Then it’s a new story …

I’m on a journey at the moment, my physicality, body strength and  body shape changing every day through my pregnancy. Having spent a long time hating my body, the last few years have seen me growing, with my Soul Confidence into loving my body. I love my curves, my huge moles (beauty spots as my Mum calls them ;)) my tiny wrists and ears and my big strong thighs.

And I thought I was rolling with it quite well, seeing my belly expand in an amazing and startling way, seeing my curves expand so I no longer can wear anything with a zip! And realising that rfunny-yogaight now my previous physical practice and running isn’t for me just now. So I adapted my practice and was learning and developing more through these changes feeling pretty chilled and groovy about it all.  But when my back went a couple of weeks ago, that really tested me. What do you do when your body “lets you down”? I realised quickly resisting and fighting wouldn’t work (and counterintuitve to what I’ve discovered through Soul Confidence) So I surrendered and I was pretty pleased that I instinctively called on my soul confidence tools of breathing through the pain and using the breath to relax instead of contract. I was not “perfect” (and probably an awkward patient as my boyfriend would testify to I’m sure) but I accepted what was happening and through gentle movement, not pushing or forcing, and breathing and relaxation my back recovered quickly.

Interesting at the same time my Mum broke her ankle and I had a few conversations with her about how she needs to ask for help and take time to recover – great time to practice what I preach! I totally know that both of these things, my back going and my mum’s ankle were challenges to learn from.  To grow sure, but to accept and surrender even further and through that surrender a new strength arises. A deeper understanding. And for me a deeper appreciation and love for my physical body and for the amazing work it does for and with me.

I would love to know your thoughts and experiences on this. Please get in touch to share

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