In Ditch the People Pleaser, I support you to explore four of the areas where you may find yourself people pleasing: life, relationships (including love and sex), work, and business and leadership.

This book will help you to:

1) Undo the effects of people pleasing in your life so you ARE free from expectations + boxes.

2) Release the need to please so you are able to achieve deep connection, a sense of purpose + guidance from your inner knowing.

3) Break the cycle for your personal + spiritual growth AND for the young people in your life. You will be able to model and pass on a healthier way of being for the next generation.

4) Use techniques and practices that will transform the way you feel about being nice and acceptable.

5) Strengthen your relationship to yourself and the people in your life, expand into your work and contribute to compassionate change.


Not only will you discover what the antidote is to people pleasing, you will be supported with practical techniques and supportive resources to ditch the need to please right away.


What They Said...

“Wow! As a self-confessed people pleaser, it has held me back my entire life. Reading this, I see flashes of myself through examples that I can actually relate to. The 7 step process is clearly thought out and enables you to track your journey. Kara’s style of writing is easy to follow whilst still being challenging enough to get you thinking deeply about the role you play in people pleasing. The tone of the book is also very supportive, encourages you to be kind to yourself through the process of self discovery, and feels like Kara is on the journey with you – your own personal cheerleader!” Sarah F

As someone who has worked with people pleasing for several years this book was a timely reminder of how this trait can impact on each area of life. The whole book gives a well rounded easily accessible overview of how people pleasing develops and impacts covering both scientific and practical viewpoints.It works equally well as a whole or to dip into different sections. For those who are wanting to delve deeper further reading and materials are signposted and available. Definitely a resource that could be returned to many times and accessed on different levels.” Lisa T


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