I am embracing  my evolution at the moment. 80% of the time I am loving it. It feels good, feels like I’m in flow, there’s no pushing or striving: it all just – is. 20% of the time it causes mini meltdowns, upper limiting and self sabotaging behaviour.

What I want to say about that is that it feels really freaking empowered to be able to see (sometimes with a bit of a nudge) what is going on with the mini moments. When we are aware of who we really and we are moving into our zone of genius or taking anything to the next level it throws up shit. I am celebrating that my evolution so far has brought me to a space where  my inner drama queen can chill her beans and take a breath before she reacts! In the past I would have retracted and shut down with some of these evolutionary evolution occurences

I made a statement in my mastermind group at the start of this year “I’m stepping into my identity as a powerful leader here to make a global impact” This statement came from deep within, and as I said it I broke down. Can you relate? When you voice something that comes from deep within and it’s a release, relief to finally say it? In that moment I felt raw to the bone. Vulnerable. And, like “Now I’ve said this – there is no taking it back”

How did I get to this point in my evolution when I was at a place to own this.  I want to share this as I encourage my clients to always reflect on the difference that makes the difference. When something is going great or you have a breakthrough or chose a response that makes you feel joyful and peaceful take a moment to ask “WHY?” So here is three differences that makes the difference for me:

  • I have become more and more connected with my Self through my deepening Soul Confidence practice
  • Being present: instead of being in the place of feeling fear of speaking my truth in the past or trying to control the future
  • I was surrounded by a high vibration, supportive community of women so the energy of expansion was there

Since that moment the universe has responded. Big time. There is huge uplevelling going on. But I have responded too – being: not pushing, taking aligned action, asking for support and being aware of my thoughts and language.

The last few months have seen an incredible uplevelling. One of my big dreams is of a Soul Confidence centre for women from abusive backgrounds to come and rediscover their sense of worth. And this has started becoming real. Why?  Because I started talking about it! Nothing earth shattering – I just started really seeing this centre, feeling how important it is to come to life and telling people about it. Last month in Damsels the theme was Presenting with Precence.  For your dreams to come true you need to share your story. Something massive is about to happen with a New news movement which I cant wait to share with you soon (that’s most definitely a whole blog article in itself!) The 80% is like WOOO HOOO lets get this ON! The 20% right now is tied up with my people pleasing part that’s saying “what will people think? Will they think I’m up my arse? What if I get too successful? How will I cope?” My people pleasing part is still within me. But she isn’t calling the shots right now. A while ago I would have made up excuses about why an idea like this cant work. Instead I’m going with it – not pushing or retracting just flowing.

So gorgeous. For you here are my top three tips on embracing YOUR evolution.

  • You HAVE to give YOU time, space and what you need to be you. Create time for a practice. This is the number one place I start with my clients: give you a piece of you first. If you want to embrace all of who you are and who you are here to be you need – some quiet time, space to feel your connection to Self and time/space to do the things that fill you up, and to do whatever floats your boat.
  • From your Self, the universe, the people who love you, your cheerleaders, your support team. This much I know now from some pretty big learnings over the last few years: You CANT feel joyful and peaceful if you are not supported
  • Put the work in to be consciously Invest in working with mentors, spend time with people who raise your energy, stop doing what’s not working, let go of energy vampires. Most crucially of all: LOVE yourself truly and accept how worthy of love you are. I know big things happened when I “got” that I was worthy of love.

Your evolution is completely your own. How freaking exciting is that. All the speed bumps and moments of clarity and joy they are all yours. Embrace your journey and remember when it feels a bit raw, breathe and say “I trust I am enough”

What now?

If you want to go deeper on this join me LIVE in Manchester on July 18th 10am-1pm.  For more info and to book on to this event for FREE  click here If you want some support to build a Soul Confidence practice email me kara@soulconfidence.co.uk for my FREE 7 step guide.

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