I saw the posts about Lady Gaga all across Facebook yesterday and I felt, how you probably felt. A mixture of “WTF?” and how sad and pointless is this. The issue is NOT that her tummy is big/small/whatever: to me the issue is that it’s OK to be passing judgement on it in the first place. (And hey, I know ALL about passing judgement)

We are in the 21st century. You and me are part of this new paradigm that sees women rising up in Love. That is about true leadership and power as part of global community that wants peace and joy in all corners of the world.

So here we are meditating and coming from a place of love and then we see this across Facebook. A woman being vilified for her stomach. A woman giving her heart and soul in a performance and the MAIN thing discussed is how her body looks.

The shame here is that this is A Thing.

That bodyshaming is a THING.

I used to look at Heat and draw reassurance from other woman’s “normal” bodies. I used to secretly judge other women for their appearance. I’m not proud of that, but I was seething in self loathing and disgust and it was a way of numbing to the present to transfer my crap onto someone else. So I have judged before, so I know where it comes from. It comes from not liking yourself, it comes from wishing you looked a different way, it comes from a deep well of dislike and disgust.

Have you had a chequered relationship with your body? Maybe you are still recovering from that. Healing. It’s all good. Let’s be honest here, it takes time. Becoming your own best mate can take time. And I can SERIOUSLY write an epic novel on the journey from deep loathing to deep loving.

Lets take ACTION from a place of love.

And yes, it starts within us. ALL OF US

Find a way to love yourself even a TEENY bit more. Being your own bestie means you wont have any need to criticize another women. If you are in love with you, you will want to celebrate any other woman who is heart, guts and soul giving it her all. Because you aren’t moved from fear. Because there is no need to judge anyone else.

One of my biggest gifts is bringing women together in community to connect to Self and each other. To celebrate themselves and each other and gracefully lift them and others higher. To see and feel that love and support happening with women is just freaking beautiful.

We have the power to be our own bestie. Then we have the power, love and compassion to want to cheerlead other women. We desire connection and community that comes from a place of love.

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