Spring Equinox.
How to mark this time + harness the energy (even if you are indoors)
Despite us being in isolation or socially distancing, nature just keeps on going. Life is springing up outside in parks, trees and out of the earth. For me, I am wrapping my head around right now being the Spring Equinox (light, rebirth, sunlight) as many people are scared and suffering as a result of covid-19. Light and the dark always co-exist but right now there is an understandable heaviness.
In saying that, my work is with sensitive people who are here to bring all their empathy, compassion + creativity out into the world, and right now its not a drill this is real and we want to use the seasonal and moon energies to harness our energy + use it wisely right now.
With that in mind here are some of my tips on how to tap into the energy or mark Ostara in your own way.
1) Please dont worry about doing ALL the things. The most crucial thing is to work out what the most important part, idea or feeling of this seasonal shift is for you. And just do one thing that connects you to that.
2) You can get your kids involved in fact it’s great to do that – it can be fun and easy. Rituals can come across as something laborious and intense but they really don’t need to be. Ritual is anything you bring your awareness to, in order to connect with something else.
3) Especially if you are indoors this is a powerful time to remember you take ownership of what changes mean to you.
So here are some things you can do
  1. Get an egg or a stone and paint it or write an intention on it. Take it outdoors and put it in the ground or put is somewhere in your home like a drawer or box. If you are doing this with wee ones get them to pause when it is “planted” and consider the impact of this intention or what planting it means to them.
  2. Use essential oils -citrus scents are great to connect with the power of scent and feel your feet on the ground either in doors or out. With kids (or without) you can do a walking meditation thinking about the earth beneath you and your place on the earth.
  3. Plant a seed and talk about the energy of caring/nurturing for growth (with kids) or observe! Simple as watching nature do it’s thing and talking about the power of that. You can also meditate over what you are “springing” into action with (even if that’s indoors at the moment)
  4. Spring cleaning/de-cluttering – turn the mundane into something more like a ritual. Use Marie Kondo ‘s principles of keeping what brings you joy.
So in these unknown times it is super powerful to know you have the power to plant intentions and to take action to nurture yourself and others.
If you want to really nurture yourself please join me on Monday 23rd 9pm (UK time) for a deeply relaxing Yoga by Candlelight session (online) info below in the comments.

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