happy new year

How does the start of a new year make you feel? Are you juiced up with joy for 2016? I love the new year, love the new possibilities, new ideas, and the new sense of purpose everyone has. So I was all set for my planning for 2016. I had a window of time set aside, my journals, inspiring audio, pens and coloured paper. I was really looking forward to it. Then it didn’t happen. And it didn’t happen again. And 2016 was looming. I started to feel a bit panicked. Hold on, I need to PLAN next year before it starts. And then I breathed. See I know this way of working doesn’t work for me. I need fluidity and action in equal measure. And I know putting pressure on myself to plan a year in 2 hours isn’t healthy. More to the point I know that “planning” a year doesn’t really work so I gave myself a break. Old habits stay with you and the last few years in my journey with Damsels and my own Soul Confidence practice has seen me make massive shifts in my mindset but the Kara who needs to plan perfectly, who needs to know what her goals are, who needs to know …well just KNOW everything still surfaces now and again.

Goal setting used to leave me cold. When I started on my personal development journey people would say how much money do you want, what house do you want, what car… And I never related to it. As soon as I thought about what I wanted to feel and experience it made a huge difference not just to how I related to it but I achieved way more because I was creating the feelings I wanted from within me.

And that’s great. Because I can make different choices and respond differently now. So instead I thought lets use the whole of January to fluidly do this shit! And I have had SO much fun with it. I did a fantastic de-cluttering and clearing session getting rid of physical clutter in my work space, sorting out paperwork, receipts (super unsexy but oh god, super bliss when its done!) Then I did a meditation with an emotional release for 2015, letting what has passed go with love and letting go of anything negative I didn’t  need to take into my year. That was awesome really simple and really powerful. I did the completion work form my Leonie Dawson 2015 life and biz planner and celebrated! I spent time getting grateful, expressing that gratitude and my achievements in 2015. When I created time to sit with my Damsels Goal setting for goddess’ plan I lit a candle did a 15 minute meditation and then the plan flowed. I was inspired to start my 2016 lifebook, update my vision board and I feel everything I want to feel this year already!  And that work will carry on throughout this month.

You know what the best damn thing is? You can do all of this all the way through the year. release, let go, celebrate, set intentions, set new intentions, feel what you want to feel NOW! Every day is a new start, every breath is a new moment and every experience you have fuels your fire.

So my top tips:  these are not just for the new year or January, these tips are for whenever you are setting intentions/planning/visioning …

  1. give yourself permission to take the pressure of planning, or having, a “perfect” year. If you know me you know I’m all about embracing imperfect action. Set intentions, goals BUT get clarity over what you want to feel and experience, thats where the joy + peace live
  2. ALWAYS get grateful, new year, a new day whenever find the time to be grateful and live that gratitude in your life. CELEBRATE the little steps, bumps, challenge, big leaps on the way. Journal your gratitudes and achievements every day.
  3. connect with your Higher Self (or whatever term you use) Trying to do anything without being in tune with your true wants, needs and desires is like being a floating brain. Meditate, breathe deeply, run, walk whatever floats your boat and gets you feeling in the flow.

Want more?

I’m going to be sharing tips and techniques on experiencing the best year in my hangout next week. Wednesday at 10.30am. come join us and ask any questions you might have. find out more here  by joining our free community online

If you are in South Manchester on Monday 18th Jan come along and goal set like a goddess and create your Goddess plan for the whole year with ease. Click here to book your free place.

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