Overwhelm is the place I aim to stay out of. It’s a town I visited WAY too often in the not too distant past and I got to say, I would not rate it as a place to stay. It’s the kind of place where there are road signs directing you AWAY. Big neon signs. With arrows pointing in the opposite direction. I’m not leaving a Tripadvisor review for that town.

Overwhelm is a horrible emotion. For me it feels like a giddy mix of panic, anxiety and exhaustion. In saying that it’s also a great red flag that something isn’t working (It’s your body’s message saying NOW WOMAN DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY!) But hey, it’s possible to get to know yourself and your triggers so well that you can firmly make a right turn before getting within the town walls.

So if it feels so damn horrible how come we spend so much time there?!?! Why did I go back to that town over and over again? That is a cracking question (even if I do say so myself ) and you know I cant give an exact science answer. I can say though that sometimes you need to feel crap enough enough times to make a change. I can say that sometimes we wear a badge of “busy” as a way to make ourselves feel important, or loved, or appreciated. I know that it’s a way of keeping ourselves from listening to what we need to hear from within.

I have written this blog as the one thing I hear so often from women is “I don’t have enough time for me” To me the direct effect for not having enough time is going into overwhelm. Your mind feels overloaded and fuzzy, your body is tight and tense, you pick arguments, you feel resentful, frustrated and a whole heap of stress. People around you start to walk on eggshells, you say “I don’t have time” all the time and you are envious of anyone who does anything remotely fun and enjoyable.

Being Busy is not a state of being. You don’t have to be busy, you can be worthy of love and be valued while you sit on your bum and do sweet FA

You are capable. You are amazing and can do everything, but not at once. And not at the detriment of your emotional well being or physical health.

Creating time and space for you is an absolute must. I know too often from not giving myself those things I have rapidly re-enterered Overwhelm town. One of the reasons the Tribe’s first months theme is on this: Creating Time and Space is because with just a wee bit more time and space in your life you can feel more empowered, more self acceptance, more valued and more content. Seriously lovely one. And if you are already creating time and space for you, awesome, but it’s consistent work putting YOU firmly near the top of your to-do list. Stay connected and stay firm that you are a priority in your life.

So if you want some top Soul Confidence tips for getting out AND staying away from Overwhelm town here you go lovely one

Top Tips

  1. Stop the story: ask for support. People around you want to help but you have to ask. I started off small, every day I set a reminder on my phone “Have I asked for help today?” This helps your mindset so much and then if someone says I’ll help you with that you are much more likely to say yes
  2. Drop “I’m fine” Seriously, come up with a new answer. Go on a I’m fine diet, don’t say it for a week and notice the difference in you.
  3. Make sure you have a supportive group around you, people who will hold you accountable. So if you say, I’ve had enough I’m over overwhelm, they can support you in making different choices.

Lovely one, this world we are living in needs your love, your sassy ass and your unshakeable Soul

Please comment and share this blog if it resonates with you! If you want more information of being a monthly member of The Tribe and how being a member can help you move away from overwhelm and be supported to feel less stress and more joy and peace. Next month in the Tribe we will be going DEEP into how to feel:

  • You have more than enough time and space for yourself so you can feel great in your body and mind
  • Energized and uplifted to make positive changes for you in your life: whether that’s in your relationships, work life or at home.
  • Be a woman who lives in Soul Confidence and feels more love and support from you partner/family, feel valued at home and in work and enjoy having me time for you to recharge
  • You can manage stress, sleep better, respond rather than react and feel strong and flexible in your body and mind

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Kara Grant

Kara Grant

Award winning entrepreneur and Founder of Soul Confidence

Hello! I’m Kara an award-winning entrepreneur, BWY trained yoga teacher, coach,and founder of Soul confidence. I want to help you unlock your inner peace and joy, right now

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