Event – Live your Desired Life




Join us for this incredible Soul Confidence LIVE event
Are you ready to live the life you desire NOW? Fed up of waiting for all your ducks to be in a row? Do you find yourself saying “When this happens THEN I’ll feel peace/free/love?”
Lovely one, it’s your time NOW to live the life you desire
Join us and you’ll discover:
♥ How to be in the moments fully as you work towards your goals
♥ Why you got to get out of your head to FEEL joy/peace/love/freedom
♥ What your desired feelings are and how to life your life now so you feel them
♥ The actions you will want to take to create your ideal day every day
♥ Discover how joyful + peaceful your journey can be with a group of heart centred women who have your back
♥ Be in a high vibrational, safe space to explore where you are at and where you want to be
♥ Feel the difference showing yourself love and compassion will bring to your life, relationships and business
♥ Have time + space for you to fill yourself up and motivate you in all areas of your life
The LIVE event is £40.00 including light refreshments and course materials
Tribe members get 50% off: see your emails/group for discount code


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