Wellbeing Warrior One Day Retreat (Supported Space)




You are invited to a truly personal, magical immersion experience.  This one day retreat is for sensitive change makers who are here to use their voices, hearts + minds to transform their own lives and the world around them.

Join us for a day of deep connection to yourSelf and the amazing women with you in the room. To be nourished. To be supported. To be inspired + energised.

You can expect: yummy yoga flow, practices to fire you up + fuel you to use your voice + to bring out your Soul desires (so expect comfort zones to be smashed!) gentle + deep restorative relaxation and the most beautiful + supportive environment (as well as tasty food and gorgeous surroundings)

By attending you will:

  • feel deeply nourished in your body + mind & connected with your heart, voice and personal power
  • experience clarity and confidence to create/co-create your Soul desires
  • get clear on your dominant innerFEARfreak and how to move away from negative patterns that are keeping you stuck.
  • learn techniques you can adapt and use in your own imperfect practice at home

As a Sensitive woman who gets it, you know you can’t thrive on empty mode. This one day retreat will give you what you need to feel energised/inspired and ready to take on the world, fully supported + connected.

Leading live events like this + bringing women together in these kind of spaces are specialities of mine. I am SO excited for this!

The supported space ticket is £50

Location Manchester, UK.


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