Hey I'm Kara,

I see you! As a Sensitive Changemaker I know you want to be:

COURAGEOUS: to play bigger with your life and have a much bigger impact

CONNECTED: to your intuition, wisdom and moving through life feeling more than enough

FREE + EXPANSIVE: with work/creative projects that fulfils you and has a lasting, positive impact in the world

Why the Sensitive Sisterhood?

The Sensitive Sisterhood is  deeply transformational space for senstiive changemakers reclaiming their power, voices and innate abundance.

It is an online community of women who are committed to their personal and spiritual growth while they unleash their sensitivity as their superpower.  

It is for sensitive women, spiritual rebels and changemakers who are ALL in for living + enjoying their most abundant and desired lives while they bring love, compassion + kindness to themselves and their world.

One of my gifts is to create communities for women to be supported on their journeys. The Sisterhood gives you the space, support and motivation for you to:


Without support you end up stuck in your head feeling like...

Deep down in your bones you know you are here to leave a lasting impact in your world. To transform people’s lives through love, compassion and joy. To STEP fully into your SUPERPOWER. That's why I created

This is an immersive group experience where you will be held and supported to break through comfort zones and live your life at your most creative, spiritual and impactful

The Sisterhood is for you if you know you:

The Sisterhood is NOT for you if:

The 3 levels of membership

What our Sisters are saying ...

“I joined the Sisterhood because I need a community like this – one where women come together to nurture, love, support, cry, grow and learn more about ourselves and each other. I have thrived in the Sisterhood: I have been experiencing my biggest growth and development. Right now as I up level my life this is the perfect space for me as I am able to re-focus on my practice, learn more about myself, my cycle and how I can harness the seasons I naturally go through."
"I joined because for the first time in a long time my sensitivities were accepted. I am able to be myself here and truly shine… I’ve done a lot of work on my traumatic past but the Sisterhood has really allowed me to go deeper, to work with my fears rather than fear them. Kara has been amazing at making each of us accountable for the changes we want in our lives…. I feel like I have so much more clarity and have a community too! I’ve started listening again to my body and my intuition and I’m no longer scared of self care… this is something that used to be a luxury… now it’s non-negotiable! I love the Sisterhood and I’d recommend it to anyone who is sensitive or really anyone who wants to work out their true desires and stop their inner fear freaks running the show. Everyone is so supportive here. If you’re willing to show up and do the work then this is the place for you!!"

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