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You are invited to join our Tribe

Hey lovely one,
  • Would you love to feel less frustration and overwhelm?
  • Are you ready to make lasting changes in your relationships, work life or at home?
  • Would you love to feel more connected and love in all areas of your life in a non-judgemental, high vibration community? 
  • Are you commited to living your desired life right now? A life filled with joy, peace, freedom, connection and abundance?

I know exactly how you’re feeling and I’ve set The Tribe up for you so you can be supported on your journey to a more joyful and peaceful life. Join our supportive and inspiring community 

The Tribe:

Join the Tribe a global online community for switched on women who are wanting more joy and peace in their lives and in the world around them. Receive monthly inspiration, motivation and support for you wherever you are on your journey.

Whether you are just learning your ass from your asana or if you are channeling kundalini like a queen, you will be uplifted, energized, inspired and feel huge shifts in your life from being a member of the Tribe.

I know from my own experience of embarking, and staying, on a journey of personal and spiritual growth can be exciting. It can also be frustrating and lonely. While you are consuming Ted talks, scheduling time for your morning meditation and looking for the best teachers to spend your weekends workshopping with, your friends might be talking about the newest celebrity scandal, spending their weekends sleeping off hangovers and planning the next summer holiday to escape from their 9-5. Yes, you feel amazing and you’re high vibing and full of green juice magic but you feel a bit on your own. The Tribe will be your safe space: a special space to give you the opportunity to connect with other high vibrational women who have got it, got your back and get you.

The Tribe will present you with a place where you can be happy to be happy and also supported through the tough times to help you back on your way.

Do you find:

You have the best intentions for being more present, more connected and more in tune with what you really want, but often life just  takes over? Whether that’s:

  • Facebook
  • Procrastination
  • Your mind chatter
  • Resistance
  • Old habits and patterns of behaviour
  • Feeling you have no time and not enough energy
  • Everything else needs done before you look after you

 Well here is your Permission Slip. Being a member of the Tribe gives you the permission to finally move away from those distractions and put you firmly at the top of your to do list.


Living in Soul Confidence means feeling totally free and present and practicing loving kindness towards oneself. Since joining the tribe I’ve felt less down after a bout of depression, much more motivated, full of positive energy and much happier about being me. I love being part of a group of like minded ladies who do not judge and offer loving support, lead by the lovely Kara who goes every extra mile possible so we can achieve our happiness goals. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it xxxx


Living in Soul Confidence for me has meant stepping outside my comfort zone in a safe and supported way. I have done several projects I would never have been brave enough to do 12 months ago. Also, Kara has helped me to look inside myself and to uncover and release many of my demons (you know the ones, those little voices that whisper away in the background and distort so many things for us!). I love living in Soul Confidence


Living in Soul Confidence means treating myself with loving kindness and inviting more joy, peace and contentment into my life.

Join us as a monthly member to:

  • Feel you have enough time and space for yourself so you can feel great in your body and mind
  • Be energized and uplifted to make positive changes for you in your life: whether that’s in your relationships, work life or at home
  • Experience more love and support from your partner/loved ones, feel valued at home and in work and enjoy having me time for them to recharge
  • Build your own consistent practice that helps you manage stress, sleep better, respond rather than react and feel strong and flexible in your body and mind
  • Feel more of what you want, peace, joy, love, freedom whatever those juicy emotions are that are bubbling away inside of YOU
  • Move away from the niggling self-doubt, frustration and overwhelm that keeps you stuck
  • Be inspired and motivated to commit to a practice that gives you more time, more space and more energy in your life
  • Have accountability to do what you say you are going to do
  • Feel more connected with who you really are and with the people you love.

Included for you as a member of the Tribe:

  • Your monthly online masterclass with me. You will get the theme of the month introduced to set you up with your action and practice plan that month and a q and a session for you to get support and ask questions.
  • Weekly body, breath and mind practices via video and mp3s to build up your practice that month
  • Guest experts sharing their expertise and knowledge with you to grow your physical practice, increase your manifesting muscles,
  • Each month’s theme and content available as a bundle for you to integrate when you want
  • Fantastic discounts on Soul Confidence programmes and live events
  • Bi yearly Tribe social. An opportunity to connect in person for a social twice a year



So, I would love YOU to be part of this vibrant online community of real loving kindness, support and inspiration to help you and amazing content from soul confidence to live more wholeheartedly. I want to support you to have a life enhacing practice with your body, mind and breath. I want to see how month by month you can receive even more  clarity over  what you want and need. I want you to experience life while you radiate loving kindness. I am excited to see you blossom within this community having fun while being deeply connected to your inner guide. I want you to feel more joy and peace. Soul Confidence is a way of life and it is freaking awesome.

Join this global community of women who are bringing more joy and peace into their lives and in the world around them.

Kara Grant

Kara Grant

Award winning entrepreneur and Founder of Soul Confidence

Hello! I’m Kara an award-winning entrepreneur, BWY trained yoga teacher, coach,and founder of Soul confidence. I want to help you unlock your inner peace and joy, right now

(find out more about me here)

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