I once went on a date with a guy who, as we were saying goodbye at the Tube, bowed forward and said “namaste” to me. It made me want to stick my middle finger up at him. (Can you tell I was not as far forward on my journey at that point. Though, truthfully, I think I would struggle not to giggle at that situation if it happened now) To me at that point having a date Namaste me because he knew I was a Yoga teacher was a bit OTT.

When I was training up as a Yoga teacher I was convinced I was not your typical Yogi. But here’s the thing, girlfriend, we know really there isn’t such a thing as a typical Yogi anyway! But back in the day I was staunch that I was not Your Typical Yogi. But now, well I kind of think maybe I am. In that I embrace the duality in me: the yin the yan, the masculine the feminine the drive and the surrender, the cake lover and the green smoothie lover.  A fully fledged spiritual being having a FLY human experience.

I want to jam on this idea of having a practice. What the hell does it mean? How do you practice on and off the mat? That you have to Namaste random dates in the Underground. (Answer NO!) To me it’s less about meditating on a mountain and more about what YOU do that connects you with your truth, your intuition, your inner power. It’s what connects you with your inner fire and support system so you get off your bum and get stuff done OR you know when to sit on your bum and let stuff get done. Either way, its your inner guide.

What you do on the mat you do to take off the mat. Your search for quiet, for connection, for knowledge, guidance, peace. You do that to take it OUT into that great big world. To me and my clients, living in Soul Confidence is a life long commitment to a more joyful and peaceful existence for us and for our world. You learn how to let go of the noise, the distractions, the business and how to tune into what you want and how you want to feel. You practice loving kindness to YOU first then you drink so much from that cup of kindness that it overspills into the world around you. You are literally overflowing with LOVE. (Like a giant prosecco tap. Yeah. Like that!)

5 years down my spiritual and personal development and my practice has changed a lot. I used to have an hour and a half to practice every morning. Now with a nearly two year old that does NOT happen. But I make it an absolute MUST that I connect with myself and that I have dedicated time for me every day.  I have a whole gorgeous collection of tools I use for that, and I am super grateful that I keep on learning new ones all the time.

Here are some practical tips for you to incorporate into creating or deepening your practice:

  • Use a meditation practice daily (even if you can find a few extra minutes to sit and breathe, that one point focus will bring about amazing physiological, mental and emotional benefits)
  • Once a week do a Yoga Nidra practice. It involves lying down and being guided to move your awareness around your body. This deep level of relaxation brings about incredible benefits to you and makes you feel YUMMY.
  • Stretch! Every day do as much stretching and moving of your body as possible!
  • Write! Journal in the morning, during the day at night. Whenever and wherever. You can start with writing down the things every day you are grateful for.

I can be flippant and jokey all day long but the truth is my practice on and off the mat is my life blood. I would not be experiencing the joy and peace I do in life without it. Without my practice I would be stressed out, overwhelmed, resentful, constantly making the same mistake again and again while blaming everyone and everything in the world for this.

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