I have a confession to make.

I’m DITCHING doing Yoga.

I’ve ditched “doing” yoga, because “doing” yoga isn’t enough. I’ve ditched doing yoga because I was getting attached to “DOING” it. Instead I live my practice. I live and breathe it, minute by minute, day by day. I live it because my life is my practice.

Let me take you back, back to pre baby days. Back to the days when I got up at 6.00am and I had oodles of time that I didn’t need to create like now. (I seriously HAD no idea how much time I had) I would get up and diligently “do” my practice. And it was freaking awesome. I felt great from doing it. I swore by it. (And don’t get me wrong I still do)

But with the arrival of a small child came the challenge, transitioning from “doing” to living it. It went to creating time for me to ensure I was connecting deeply. It went to using Yoga Nidra as a survival mechanism. It went to getting my mat out for 10 minutes when Bing was on so I could stretch my back out. It has morphed into something SO much more powerful.

When I was “doing” yoga, I was beating myself up if I had a morning where I didn’t do it. I was still running negative stories and responding a lot from fear. I was living in a lot of self created fear. My yoga practice then was like an escape from that, an hour or so of freedom.

Now my FREEDOM comes from living my practice

What I mean is it comes from

  • actually being present with my partner instead of silently fuming about something he said yesterday in the morning and why didn’t I say this instead of that and how dare he??
  • reaching out and asking for support in EVERY single way I can to have the BEST life, business and experiences possible
  • it comes from connecting with my body so I know when to get up and move around or to take 10 deep breaths when I feel stressed or when I need to up my self care ASAP

A few months ago I found myself future tripping again. I had a few moments of wondering if I would be “better’ if I was doing a full Yoga work out first thing in the morning.  “when Arthur is sleeping through the night then I’ll get up at 6am and “do” a full practice. And then I got IT! I’m already living it. I’m creating time for me in the morning – yes I will LOVE when that involves a mat that isn’t covered in hot wheel cars. But I am living my life in so much joy and peace regardless of whether I’m omm-ing with or without cbeebies on as my background music.

My boys know how important what I practice is because I’ve brought it into our lives BECAUSE I’ve had to live it. So it’s no longer something thats “mine” something Mummy does, it’s part of all of our lives

I’ve created simple, every day rituals that bring them into my practice. Things like:

  • every evening in the bath I ask Arthur what he’s most grateful for that day
  • At Christmas we all wrote down our top 3 gifts the year brought to us
  • at the start of this year we created a dream jar and set our intentions together for this year

To be fair Arthur scribbled his interpretation of a dog on his pieces of paper BUT the thing is we are all in. Co-creating in our unique way our version of the most joyful and peaceful life.

So it’s been a total GIFT that I have had to ditch “doing” the yoga and live, breathe and embody what practice actually means to me

What about you lovely one? Can you drop feeling you have to “Do” anything and instead come at it from how can I live and breathe this so it’s part of me?

Top Tips for you:

  • Make it a must: stop flirting with whatever you are “doing” to help you feel more joyful and peaceful and instead be completely committed to it
  • Bring the people around you in on what you want. Believe me, it makes life a whole lot EASIER and fun if your peeps are in on it. Plus it means they can help you
  • Cultivate loving kindness to you every single moment you can.

If you want to go deeper contact me for the Ditch the Doing worksheet and experience mind, body and breath connection to feel more FREEDOM, JOY AND PEACE [contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Please send me the Ditch the Doing Worksheet’ type=’text’/][/contact-form]

Lovely one, this world we are living in needs your love, your sassy ass and your unshakeable Soul


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