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ACTIVATE! is an intimate 3-month experience during which I will guide you in a safe, supportive container so you can:

  • Develop a new level of self respect and self worth.
  • Discover a new-found self love and appreciation.
  • Launch or grow your dream business.
  • Find ease and ownership in raising prices in your business.
  • Deepen and nurture more authentic relationships.
  • Become happier and more confident in your approach to money


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I loved the whole ACTIVATE! experience and the report made complete sense to me. Since the activation I have had moments of amazing clarity regarding origin stories of repeated behaviour – real aha moments where I see clearly how patterns have been ingrained and repeated. I feel able to release them with love and acceptance. I feel a renewed inner confidence that I can work through these patterns with a greater sense of healing. I feel that I cannot accept anything not aligned with me and have a confidence that everything can be worked through with purpose. I am more willing to speak out about things I do not want and have a revitalised sense of my own worth both in business and relationships.

Lisa Taylor

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