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 Kara’s reading was spot on. My question was about my relationship with money and how I felt I was always giving away my power when it came to $. After her session, I was able to meet a high level goal in my business and tripled my sales volume from the previous months. It was truly amazing to see how moving my energy and mindset could have such a profound impact. I highly recommend working with Kara if you desire rapid change.

Casey Navarro


With the Sensitive Spread you get:
💜speedy clarity over a question or issue that’s coming up for you
💜insight into why this is coming up for you
💜guidance for you to move forward

You focus on an area you want clarity over and I’ll read your past present and future messages so you can get deeper insight and understanding


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 If you are feeling super stuck in an area OR you are about to make a big leap forward and you want to feel super supported, the SensitiveSixty gives you:

💜support over something complex or that feels heavy
💜an opportunity to shift energy and feel a shift
💜to tap into your own wisdom through healing

This is a potent mixture of me tapping into your energy, using tarot, channelling messages + doing specific healing as needed.
You do a short questionnaire, which will highlight the issue most important for your healing or break through and send me a recent unfiltered selfie and I do the rest emailing you a full report with messages, guidance and suggested next steps for you.


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 This is you + me for one month!

You get to connect deeply to your superpowers while accessing guidance + support that will bring out the magic in all ares of your life.

This is for you if you are stepping up to go THERE + you want to get up close + personal with your intuition, connect with your courage + creativity + clear away the innerFEARfreaks that may be putting the breaks on.

We will work according to what you need but it will involve one SensitiveSixty session, weekly card pulls, messenger chats + healing/coaching as required. 


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